When Fall brings its colder days, I always choose to stay in and focus on my interior. I get very excited about the idea of changing a wall color here, of a piece of furniture there…

A couple of weeks ago, I sold my mirrored night tables and got new ones, who needed some tlc. My inspiration: Pinterest! I saw this picture of a half-moon table, used as a night table, and this is where the party began:


I was able to find similar ones on Kijiji, made out of solid cherry wood:

photo 1

Although I thought the wood was beautiful, I wanted to go for a white distressed look. I took a girlfriend’s advice and tried Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to add a Shabby chic twist to those rather traditional tables.

A bit of information on the Chalk Paint:

– Annie Sloane gave that name to her product because of its velvety, matt finish;

– Comes in 30 decorative and historical colors made for painting furniture, painting floors, and walls;

– No need to prime or sand! Love it.

photo 4

I used the two-color distressing technique. This tutorial will help you at home: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjxKGQrO1UE

Step 1: I painted the tables in Graphite:

photo 2

It is very important to use Annie Sloan’s brushes. They’re great for achieving texture and allow you to paint expressively as the bristles are strong and firm but pliable.


You can get those brushes, as well as the paint, at Malenka if you are in the Ottawa region.

Step 2: After it dried, I re-painted them in Pure white:

photo 3

Step 3: distress time! There is two way of achieving that look, whether by using sand paper or using a damp cloth and gently rubbing specific areas so that they grey come out.

Step 4: I used Annie Sloan wax to protect the tables.


photo 5

and once in my bedroom, it just got better. I’ve decided to add a frame behind them, to complete the look:


Chambre 2