A couple of weeks ago, I saw Spring cleaning arriving and took a great decision: repaint. I have been in my condo for over a year now and the mint green I first chose had done its time.

I wanted something less girly, so thanks to Kijiji, I sold my glamorous lamps to buy new ones:

Bye bye beautiful black lamp!

Bye bye beautiful black lamp!

Since the nice days of Spring and Summer are ahead I thought: let’s go cottage/beach/Ralph Lauren look. Redecorating doesn’t get too costly when you decide to move things around.

What I did and how much it costed: I first took the drapes that were in the living room and brought them to the bedroom. Remember this?

Those pannels moved to my bedroom!

Those pannels moved to my bedroom!

There was a sale on Sico paint, so I bought a gallon of Skyscraper Blue for $30


I exchanged a Home Depot gift certificate to buy Nautica-inspired lamps:

I made some pillows out of shams that I found for $2 at St.Vincent-de-Paul and found a nice frame at Home Sense for $89. TOTAL: About $130 with taxes!! Not too bad… Here is the result:





Little details as finishing touches:




Beautiful picture of my grandma...

Beautiful picture of my grandma…

I hope I inspired you to embrace Spring cleaning by pairing it with a little redecorating!