The Web has brought its load of opportunities for traditional media, including lower costs for manufacturing and distributing the content, and giving a great visibility without any additional cost.  The magazine industry has been shaken by the disruptive whirl of new technologies and is adapting in this ever-changing environment.

We now see more and more online magazines appearing. Today, I want to introduce you to Lonny, a bimonthly that focuses on lifestyle and home decor. It is filled with fresh ideas and it helps us to see that inspired design can be achieved anywhere! Want a printed copy? All the past issues are available for prices that varies between $35 and $45.

January-February 2011 Cover:

Lonny Magazine - Cover

Mix and Match:

Credit: Lonny Magazine

Beautiful bedding ideas:

Credit: Lonny Magazine

Stunning Images:

Credit: Lonny Magazine

Go get inspiration: