The following will help you to get your wardrobe on track for the new year:

1. Clean your closet and donate clothes that you don’t wear to a local thrift store. If a piece has been sitting in your drawer for more than a year and you haven’t worn it yet, chances are someone else will wear it more often than you!

2. Organize your closet. Whether it is by color or by type of clothes, separate your closet and drawers in a logical way so you can find yourself. You will save a lot of time in the morning when you’ve been snoozing a bit too long..

Credit: Fashion Tribes

3. Maintain a virtual wardrobe by signing up to Closet Couture. This free service helps you to build your online closet so that you can mix and match pieces that you already own with pieces you would like to buy. This is an example of mine:

Week-end chic look

4. Another useful tip is to choose clothes that you feel comfortable and beautiful in them. Find out what type of clothes look best on your body type (straight, apple, pear, hourglass). One book that really helped me out is In Style the New Secret of Style. Here’s what you will find in it:

It begins with the basics: choosing styles that work with your shape, finding the right fit for all your clothes, and focusing your choices-so you’ll end up with a wardrobe that coordinates, complements and fits. The next step: adding creativity, allowing your clothes and accessories to express your personal style. The result is a confident look that’s all your own (credit:


5. Last and most important tip: HAVE FUN!