Anthropologie is an American chain of stores that sells women’s clothes, accessories, found objects and decorative items for the house. It is renowned for its one-of-a-kind shopping experience, both in store (some in Canada) and online. I had the chance to visit a NYC store a couple of years ago and came out with LOTS of unique pieces for my house.

The following images will give you an idea of the eclectic yet put together style of Anthropologie:

Credit: Southern Fete

Credit: Design Blossom

Credit: The Love Collage

While I was browsing on their Web site this morning, I noticed that they now sell wallpaper. There is pretty good selection to choose from and the designs are very different from what we usually see. I particularly like this one:

Anthropologie Paeonia Wallpaper

 Make a statement by covering one of your walls or by filling wood frames like I did!

Intrigue Beacon House Wallpaper Pirate