Christmas is always a good moment to add a perfume to your collection. Looking for a unique scent? Here’s one name to remember: Mahée Le Parfum. Created by the Quebec actress Mahée Paiement, this complex yet balanced Eau de parfum ties the woman’s feminine and masculine sides. Rhubarb, rose, fresia, leather and white musk are some of the notes that awaits you. An absolutely beautiful creation in the image of its designer.

Some promotional images featuring the actress herself:

Picture: crilaphoto

Picture: crilaphoto

The video is really cute too: 

The collection includes the Eau de parfum in two sizes (50 and 100 ml), the body milk and the shower gel (both in 200 ml). Want to try the whole collection? Hurry up, the gift set arrived right on time for Christmas. It includes a 50 ml Eau de parfum, body milk and shower gel. Mahée Le Parfum’s collection is available exclusively at Jean Coutu pharmacies in Quebec.  

I already have the perfume and asked Santa for the other products. Did I say I can’t wait?!?